From the Desk of the Principal – September 24

Three weeks ago,  September 5th,  Shepherd’s Watch Christian Academy (SWCA) in Mattoon held a service for the opening of Shepherd’s Watch Christian Academy.  This was not just the opening for the 2023-24 school year, but the opening of a NEW Christian School in the Mattoon Community.   We started the school year with two qualified teachers serving students in grades 4K – 4th grade.   Supporting the teachers are 4 retired teachers, serving as teacher aids.  The total current enrollment is at 17 students so the student to teacher ratio is low providing students with frequent one to one instruction.  

Students enjoy a full curriculum including art, music and Phy Ed.  The music teacher meets with the students twice weekly.  In addition to the usual curriculum taught in schools, SWCA teaches a Religion  class daily.  It is important to know that even though there is a Religion series, religion is discussed frequently throughout the day sharing examples of how Jesus watches over us and how our behavior should mimic that of our Savior Jesus Christ.     We also have a weekly Chapel service with the children.  Here they hear stories of when Jesus lived on the earth and how He treated others during his life on earth.  During Chapel services, children learn about giving back to the Lord through an offering gathered weekly.   This weekly offering is sent as a mission project to help others who are in need.  

This first year already has a number of activities scheduled for the students.  We will be recognizing: National Walk to School day, Oct. 4th, and Fire Prevention Week, October 8-14th.  We look forward to having Grandparents visit their grandchildren at school on Grandparents Day,  October 13th.   The children await their first field trip of the year to the pumpkin patch at Schairer’s Autumn Acres & Greenhouse in Birnamwood.   Finally there is a planned Noah’s ark day later in the month of October.

As you can see, SWCA is well underway for their first year of school.   As we work through the school year, a thank you has to be sent out to all those in the community who help to make SWCA a reality.  Without the support of the community, SWCA would not be able to share the Love of our Savior with the children here at SWCA.    We strive to “Build Faith in the Hearts of our Children”, because it is “Still All about Jesus”.  


Serving Him
Gerry Schmidt