Mission, Vision, and Philosophy

Statement of Mission

The mission of Shepherd’s Watch Christian Academy is to provide a caring, creative, structured environment in which students are challenged to grow spiritually, academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and relationally through individual and group learning experiences.

Statement of Vision

Shepherd’s Watch Christian Academy’s mission is to be accomplished through the guidance and nurturing of involved parents, and with carefully chosen Christian overseers, teachers, and staff under the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Statement of Philosophy

Shepherd’s Watch Christian Academy will encourage students to pursue a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, to emphasize the value of the eternal soul and the worth of the individual, the love of God for man and the kinship of all people as taught in the Holy scriptures so as to be well grounded in a biblical worldview. Each student will be provided the opportunity to achieve academic excellence throughout all grades, regardless of ability or socio-economic levels.

It is the goal of Shepherd’s Watch Christian Academy to lead children in developing the following characteristics and qualities in their lives foundationally, relationally, and through excellence:


  1. Spiritual foundations that encourage a strong faith in Jesus Christ, a firm belief in God’s Word, a well-grounded Biblical worldview, along with a desire to fulfill God’s purpose for their life.
  2. Academic foundations that engage critical thinking which demonstrates a solid understanding of core subjects, to think creatively to solve problems that combines appropriate skills and concepts learned across all disciplines both individually and collectively, all of which displays habits of a life-long learner
  3. Character foundations through a comprehensive system that builds a strong work ethic, honesty, and integrity. 


  1. A core vision is the understanding that Shepherd’s Watch Academy is in partnership with parents, local churches, and the community in the education, Christian character development, and personal discipleship of its students. 
  2. Each teacher is encouraged to have a vibrant walk with the Lord and to invest their lives in the lives of their students. Students are encouraged to value their relationship with family, church, community, and their fellow man. 


  1. Shepherd’s Watch Christian Academy is committed to doing all we do to the glory of God. It is this belief that propels us to strive for excellence academically, spiritually, and relationally, and in all other matters in life. 
  2. Excellence in God’s eyes is doing one’s best, in contrast to the world’s standard of having to be the best. We believe in challenging students with this model of excellence so that they can achieve the goal of doing their best in their academic pursuits, extra-curricular activities, and in their service to God, family, country, and to others.